Top 4 B2B Seller Challenges Solved by WeMENA

A B2B seller’s journey is riddled with internal and external challenges.

We don’t have to tell you that starting a B2B wholesale business and seeing it through to market success is hard work. A B2B seller’s journey is riddled with internal and external challenges that will make effective selling harder, kill your profit margins, and leave you chasing customers everywhere without much of a payoff, if not overcome quickly and efficiently. 

As a seller-favourite B2B wholesale selling platform, we understand your struggles and have innovated different ways to help you overcome key challenges on your path to success. If you are just starting your B2B wholesale business, here are the top 4 hurdles you can expect to face and how you can overcome them by simply selling on WeMENA:

  • Ruthless competition: It goes without saying that you will face serious competition once you enter the B2B e-commerce market. Digitisation of the B2B selling process has enabled sellers to reach businesses across the MENA region easily - the same businesses you will be hoping to sell to as well. You can, therefore, expect to pitch against a wide variety of rivals, big and small. An important factor to staying ahead of your competition in today’s B2B markets is to set competitive prices. 

This is where selling on WeMENA becomes your biggest asset.  

We provide you with key competitor insights from other B2B wholesale selling websites including how they’re pricing their products. This valuable information will allow you to set your prices competitively. So, if you’re a B2B seller on WeMENA, go ahead and add cost-efficient to your value proposition!

You also don’t have to worry about on-platform competition either, because unlike many other wholesale selling websites, we don’t display your prices on the platform. So. even if your prices are high, your competition will be none the wiser and your prospects will not count you out based on your prices before you’ve got the chance to explain your value proposition in detail and negotiate a deal. 

Trust us, you will still get leads and product enquiries just like 98% of all our sellers do!

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  • A tough customer: Business buyers are tougher than individual customers. They can be harder to satisfy, often pressed for time, and require urgent service. And if alienated even once, there’s a good chance they won’t return. It’s therefore key to make a good first impression and deliver an unforgettable customer experience and service. WeMENA helps you secure even the toughest clients in the business - instantly!

WeMENA help you woo prospective buyers with a smooth and seamless customer experience that creates trust, fosters loyalty, and allows you to build a long-lasting relationship with your clients. With our optimised digital storefronts, direct buyer-seller negotiations, and effective lead qualification, the right buyers will not even think about another seller. 

  • Wasting time on the wrong prospects: B2B wholesale selling websites are flooded with all kinds of businesses looking to source their product requirements online. A key challenge that all B2B sellers face is getting to the right buyer and not wasting their time chasing the wrong ones. But how does one determine who the right buyer is for their B2B business and products? How does a B2B seller also determine which buyer is trustworthy and which buyer will create long-term value for them?

WeMENA helps answer these questions for you in a variety of ways. With first-time buyers, WeMENA verifies them before allowing them onto the platform, ensuring that buyer fraud is prevented

By selling on WeMENA you will have a better chance of reaching businesses that are right for your business; businesses that fit your ideal buyer profile and belong to your target market. All leads you get are first filtered by us based on preferences you set such as demographics, location, minimum order quantity, etc. You’re presented with priority sales leads that you have a better chance of converting. 

So, no more wasting time chasing the wrong leads. 

Embrace selling efficiently with WeMENA. 

  • Poor profit margins: If you’re a B2B seller on a small wholesale selling website, chances are you will struggle to keep your profit margins up. You will be paying commissions to middlemen and to the platform itself, and you won’t have direct contact with your buyer despite all that. It’s a lose-lose situation for you. 

That’s not the case for WeMENA Pro Sellers who are in full control of the money they make and are able to maintain healthy profit margins throughout. As mentioned previously, WeMENA allows your buyers to contact you directly. 

No middleman. No commissions. 

We’re simply connecting you with the right buyers the right way.

As a result, you will also have the opportunity to set lower prices which will earn you a major competitive edge. Add to that all the other market-leading features that we provide you with, and you have a winning hand. 

Make your B2B selling experience easy, efficient, and profitable by selling on WeMENA today. 

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