5 Ways to Easy International Trading

Countries in the MENA region are diligently working to complete their moves to digital economies.

Countries in the MENA region are diligently working to complete their moves to digital economies. Consumers and businesses alike are embracing online buying and selling and an e-commerce boom is definitely on the horizon. This is certainly the case with the B2B e-commerce sector, with more and more businesses looking to source their product requirements online. 

FACT: Research indicates that by the end of 2018 the B2B market in the middle east had a larger market size than its B2C counterpart by almost 234%, with this number is expected to grow further in the coming years. 

This is a massive opportunity calling for all international B2B sellers to expand their operations and enter the MENA B2B wholesale e-commerce market! The question is, can you compete with the local B2B sellers well enough to capture a significant portion of the market? Yes, if you sell through WeMENA, the leading B2B wholesale selling platform in the region. 

Gain access to all the tools required to capitalise on the region’s booming B2B markets. 

WeMENA is perhaps the only B2B wholesale selling platform that was designed to support both local and international B2B trade. Our wholesale selling website incorporates features that will allow you to minimise all the hassle that comes with cross-border trade and provide you with a seamless and streamlined route to international profitability.

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Here are 5 ways we ensure a favourable outcome for all our B2B international sellers:

  • Optimised Digital Storefronts: The main problem that you will face when you enter the region is low product visibility and a struggle to get customers to come to you instead of chasing after them. WeMENA’s wholesale selling platform solves this by providing all our B2B sellers with elegant yet simple digital storefronts, with full search engine optimisation. We focus extensively on SEO campaigns and marketing strategies that boost our search rankings to the top.

The result? More than 60% of all our users reach us through organic sources. When you list your products on WeMENA, buyers will come to you, experience the smooth user flow that our wholesale selling platform provides, and stay with you for a long time. 

  • Full Operational Control: When you are on WeMENA, you’re the boss! We don’t interfere with how you want to run your B2B wholesale operations, what prices you would like to set, what leads you would like to pursue, and how you would like to negotiate with your buyers. By listing your products on our B2B wholesale selling platform, you remain in charge of all decisions and retain all your product profit margins. WeMENA charges no commissions like many other B2B wholesale selling platforms and marketplaces. We also allow you to connect with your customers directly with no middleman charging outrageous commissions that eat away at your profit margins. 
  • Deliver the Best Customer Experience: The WeMENA team ensures that you’re equipped with all the right tools and the right guidance to provide your customers with a buyer experience they won’t forget. Importantly, your customers can contact you directly, giving you the opportunity to negotiate with them directly, streamlining communication, reducing misunderstanding, and fostering trust between you and the local business buyer. As a result, your buyer retention rate improves, helping you win more business and ultimately, scale. 
  • Convert Leads Like A Pro: WeMENA also helps you qualify and manage leads. We understand that as an international seller, you come into the market with limited knowledge of local buyers and their buying behaviour. This inevitably increases the time taken to qualify leads and ensure that you’re chasing after the ones with the most chances of being converted. Is this time you can afford? 

Absolutely not! 

It’s a competitive market out there and efficiency is key to your success. This is why WeMENA sorts through all the leads that come in for your products based on your set preferences, such as buyer demographics, minimum order quantity (MoQ), location, buyer ratings, etc. The result?

You are presented with the right leads for your business

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition: WeMENA also helps you navigate the local competitive landscape. As an international seller, facing local competitors who have been in the market longer than you can be daunting. 

But don’t worry! 

WeMENA keeps you informed of what your competition is upto and arms you with the tools to stay ahead. We provide you with seller insights and give you a chance to compare your prices with your counterparts on B2B wholesale selling platforms across the region. Visibility into their prices gives you a chance to set your prices competitively and steal a larger market share as a result. 

When it comes to selling in the MENA region, WeMENA is your best bet to capturing a significant portion of the market in the shortest amount of time with the lowest costs. The B2B e-commerce sector in the region is still relatively nascent and set to grow massively. 

If there’s a good time to enter and dominate the market, it’s now. 

Start selling on WeMENA today and ride the next big B2B e-commerce wave with us! 

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